Such a great club. Two high-level black belts at every class. Very technical and personalised instruction. And just a fun bunch of people. Definitely recommended.

Brett M

Fantastic place! Great team with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and top quality instruction. Had a great time and highly recommend checking it out.

Lach 7

Great team with world class people on the mats and some of the best coaches I've had. If you compete this is the gym for you, if you are a beginner this is also the gym for you.”

Chad H

If you want to learn BJJ, this is where you want to be. 2 black belt coaches on the mat every night. 
Incredibly technical, and the coaches are able to break it down in a way that gives all levels from beginner through to black belt the best class experience. I heart this gym.


Excellent. I went there and was welcomed with open arms for a nogi and Gi class with respectful, talented members. Two resident black belts (one female) keep the vibe technical and fun. Go there if you can. Cheers to the team for being so cool.

Emma H

Two attentive and informative black belt coaches (male and female) on the mats every night who provide tailored tips and advice based on the individual; both coaches pay great attention to detail and take care with all students. 
The team are friendly and are great training partners comprising a diverse range of size, strengths and skill sets with both male and female students. This club, most importantly for me, provides a multifaceted platform for learning which also means it is a safe environment for smaller people (like me) to continue learning and remain injury free. 

Aysha D