At Vanguard our aim is to make a great team not a team of greats. We strive to work with the team as one; we all have fun, learn and enjoy combat sports together at all levels. The environment we’ve created to do this is, is based on these key principles:

  • Safety comes first: Constantly working to make the mats as safe as possible for everyone, to minimize recklessness and enjoy combat sports while minimising the dangers that combat sports can bring. We cater classes, techniques and drills all with safety in mind.

  • Fun comes second: Without fun there is no learning, this is the second principal. Combat sports is hard enough – if it’s not fun, it would be impossible. Vanguard will always be a place to laugh, have fun and enjoy the team on and off the mats. Ask as about our kebab challenges!

  • Learning comes third: There is a lot to learn at all levels, with that in mind all classes and techniques are grounded on fundamentals that we can build on. On the mats from white to black belts, we are all learning every day and the goal is to make sure everyone in the room takes something away from every lesson. Whether it’s as a hobby or to compete internationally, it is our responsibility to help everyone in the team improve and reach that goal.

Without safety there is no fun, without fun there is no learning.